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Latest news on the ILS Labs.

Website newly structured

The last few days we have done our best to upgrade the site, make it more accessible and above all give it a more intuitive flow. A few people have come to us to explain the articles new lab users have to read, were somewhat unclear and contained a lot of double information. We have…

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New Wallpaper

Some of you might have noticed that we’ve set up a new default wallpaper for the Window 7 desktop! It lists some of the default house rules and some emergency information. We hope you enjoy the new eye candy!

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uhhmm… HvNL TV

Sbs6 TV, Hart van Nederland  did a small item on language research, regarding the uhhmmmm word, done by Hans Rutger Bosker, it can be viewed here.

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LimeSurvey how-tos added

We’ve added some new LimeSurvey manuals to our how-to section. There’s four in total now: LimeSurvey for linguists, a general introduction Audio in LimeSurvey, on having audio as stimuli Default answers in LimeSurvey, how to set default answers from the GUI, with JavaScript or with tokens Postprocessing LimeSurvey results, on a script to postprocess your…

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