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Babylab meeting

These meetings are specifically for people who do research in the Babylab. The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss results/ designs/ plans for future research/ etc. If there are practical issues (concerning planning, recruitment, etc.) this will be discussed too.

ILS researchers and students using the Babylab facilities are required to attend the meetings while they are working in the lab. By sharing lab experiences users can learn from each other. Invitations are sent by email. In case you didn’t receive an invitation, please feel welcome to attend the meetings anyway. You’ll find the dates on this page.


Every Friday, at 10:30h (except during the summer), contact Desiree Capel for location.

Upcoming presentations

– Iris about her internship – 24 February 2023


– On both 24 and 31 March, our meeting location is Drift 23, 0.12.

12 May Bas Rodenburg (Veterinary Medicine) presents: “Say what?” – What do animal vocalisations tell us about animal welfare?