Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Lab users meeting

These meetings are for anyone using the lab or our online resources. Common topics are:

  • planning (how can we all do what we need to do without getting in each other’s way)
  • information/updates about scheduling of maintenance works and other issues involving the building
  • trouble using particular programs or equipment
  • exchanging experience with various (new) tools
  • design and analysis issues

By sharing lab experiences users can learn from each other. Furthermore, the meetings give lab users a chance to get to know each other, so they feel comfortable approaching each other to resolve scheduling conflicts.

Researchers and students using the facilities are required to attend the meetings while they are working in the lab. If you can’t attend a meeting, make sure someone else from your project is there. Invitations are sent by email. In case you didn’t receive an invitation, please contact Iris Mulders for an invite to the Teams meeting.

You can find an agenda for the upcoming meeting in the ILS Labs users channel in Teams, under Files; we don’t record minutes.

The meetings are on the second Monday of the month, 13.30-14.15h.