Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Staff Responsibilities

Below you can find the lab support tasks and the staff member (primary) responsible for the task. You can find contact details here.

x = primarily responsible
(x) = not primarily responsible but will (try to) help out where necessary

CatTaskMaartenTyIrisBabylab managerCDH-IT
EPprogram and adapt experimentsx(x)
EPZep developmentx(x)
EPad hoc scripts for pre/postprocessing data and stimulix(x)(x)
EPhelp and instruct users to use lab softwarexx x (ET)x (baby)
EPweb survey support and infrastructurex
SAsysadmin Linux(x)x(x)
SAsysadmin Windows(x)(x)x
SAadmin system babylabx(x)
SAnetwork storagexx
SAinstall and maintain lab softwarexx(x)x
SApurchase and maintain third-party software licenses(x)(x)x
HShelp and instruct users to use equipment xxxx(x)
HShardware troubleshootingxx(x)x
HSadvise on, purchase and set up hardwarexxx
HSadapt lab setupsxx(x)
HSmonitor and purchase perishablesxxx
DCcreate and maintain
lab user website content (documentation)
DClab user website infrastructure(x)x(x)
DCBabylab website infrastructure(x)x
DCcreate experiment protocols(x)x (ET)x (baby)
DCcreate planning-related protocols baby labx
DCtechnical documentation lab setupsxx(x)(x)x
DCorganize and chair lab user meetingsxx
DCinform users about lab/system maintenancexx(x)(x)
EPfacility reservation systemxxx
EPbabylab reservationsx
EPcoordinate different experiments
(incl. an intake with researcher/students)
x (ET/EEG)x (baby)
EPcoordinate planning of infant experimentsx
EPlendable equipment & testsxx(x)
Rrecruit adult participantsx
Rmaintain adult participant database and infrastructurex
Rcoordinate recruitment of infant participantsx
Rmaintain infant participant databasex
PCsupervise students and internsxx
PCadvise on experimental designs(x)xx
PChelp with statistical analysisxx
PCdesign questionnaires babylabx
PAtechnical support of project applicationsxxxx
PAlab-related project budgetingxxx
PAhelp program web experiments and surveys(x)
INsupervising BA and MA internsx
PRlab PRx
PRbabylab PRx
PRbabylab website contentx
PRorganize and give lab toursxx
PRbabylab newsletterx
ODinterface with university sysadmin departmentxxxx
ODinterface with university bureaucracy and committeesxx
ODinterface with communication department
ODhousing and cleaning(x)(x)