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Experiments overview


This page refers to collections of custom-made experiments that we frequently use in the ILS Labs. Please send a software-development request if you require a custom-made experiment or contact one of the developers.

There are three sources for experiment templates written for the experimental framework Zep:

  1. Many Zep templates are available on the Beexy Zep 1 website and the Beexy Zep 2 website. These Beexy Zep templates are typically simpler (for instance, they don’t contain group support) than the templates listed below.
  2. More complex Zep experiments can be found in the ILS Labs GitHub repositories . These are custom-made to suit the needs of specific researchers.
  3. Below is a list of custom-made Zep experiments that are used quite broadly in the ILS Labs. Some of these scripts are also available (in a simpler, more bare-bones form) on the Beexy website. When a script occurs both on the Beexy site and below on this page, you will probably want to use the version from this page.

Presentation® is a stimulus delivery and experiment control framework by Neurobehavioral Systems. There are two sources for Presentation® experiments:

  1. Many scripts are available in the Neurobehavioural Systems experiment archive.
  2. Custom-made Presentation® experiments by the ILS Labs can be found in the ILS Labs Presentation GitHub repositories. Please note that the ILS Labs does not officially support Presentation®!

jsPsych is a JavaScript software library for online experimenting. Here we present our boilerplate experiments using jsPsych. These experiment are designed with our data server and experiment server in mind. For an overview of getting an online experiment to work visit our howto.

Below are links to our jsPsych templates:

Self paced reading

  1. Self paced reading with a moving window: spr-mw.

Lexical decision

A multi-purpose lexical decision template that supports the following configurations:

  1. Visual target stimulus
  2. Visual target stimulus + visual prime
  3. Visual target stimulus + visual masked prime
  4. Auditory target stimulus
  5. Auditory target stimulus + auditory prime
  6. Auditory target stimulus + visual prime
  7. Auditory target stimulus + visual masked prime


Visual World Paradigm with jsPsych Webgazer.


All experiment scripts listed here and on the repositories are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). They are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but with absolutely no warranty. It is your responsibility to carefully study and test each script before using it for your research.