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Single Image Visual World Fixation Cross


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  • Author(s): Theo Veenker, Chris van Run, Maarten Duijndam
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The purpose of this experiment is to record participant’s eye-movements while he/she is listening to a spoken utterance and looking at a screen displaying a semi-realistic scene. For each trial a scene is displayed and an utterance relating to the scene is played. Participant’s task is to carefully look and listen. Self-paced. Output: Eye-Tracking data as collected by the eye-tracker.

This implementation can be used with an EyeLink eye-tracker (default), a Tobii 1750 eye-tracker, or an SMI eyetracker. You can select the desired device by importing the appropriate module.

Related publications

  • Huettig, F., Rommers, J., Meyer, A.S. (2011). Using the visual world paradigm to study language processing: a review and critical evaluation. Acta Psychologica.


This experiment script comes with absolutely no warranty. It is your responsibility to pilot test the script and analyze the results before using the script for your research. Be sure to know what the adjustable parameters of the script mean and check whether the script presents stimuli and records responses exactly as you want it to. If necessary, ask the author of the script to explain the things you do not yet understand.