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Preferential Listening



Compared to the original experiment, this is experiment is different in the following respects (do note that the changes have only been made to the EyeLink version of the experiment).

  • Visual stimuli can appear in random locations of the screen.
  • Randomization of auditory stimuli in the familiarization phase (with restriction on list order).
  • Possibility to repeat auditory stimuli in the familiarization phase.
  • Added extra interval settings for test and familiarization phase.
  • Grouping and participant modules added.

Installation instructions

To run the experiment you need the Zep experiment control application. At the ILS Labs this is already installed on all systems. To install Zep at home or on your personal laptop go to this link and follow instructions there.

To install this experiment:

  1. Download the experiment from this link.
  2. Extract the .zip-file into a target folder (any location will do).
  3. This will produce an experiment folder under the target folder.
  4. Read the readme that comes with the experiment.
  5. Open the console application (under Windows click windows-terminal.bat, under Linux click and type the following command:zep preflisten_el
    In this command preflisten_el represents the name of the experiment you wish to run.


This experiment script comes with absolutely no warranty. It is your responsibility to pilot test the script and analyze the results before using the script for your research. Be sure to know what the adjustable parameters of the script mean and check whether the script presents stimuli and records responses exactly as you want it to. If necessary, ask the author of the script to explain the things you do not yet understand.