Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Building maintenance and construction work

March 18th Ils labs keys are digital (FTS)

The Ils labs their locks are going to be changed this Monday march 18th. The oldschool cylinders for physical keys are going to be replaced with passes that are digital. People can fetch the digital keys from the same key locker as before, but they resemble campus cards. You should hold the card before the new door knob. A light should flash green and from that moment you can rotate the lock in order to open the door, much like you are used to with your key.

In the picture the knob at the left is located at the outside of the door. On the inside (rigth side of the image) of the door is an regular locking knob. The one on the inside always works. The one on the outside has to be activated with the new keys. Once activated it remains active for +/- 5 seconds.

The labs k.10, k.11, k.12 and k.13 have a door for which don’t have a regular door handle, only a knob. Those doors are “hard” to shut quietly. With the keys you were able to turn the lock and then shut the door and finally release the key in order to shut them gently. The same thing holds for the new locks, you’ll have to activate the lock, and then you should be able to turn it and shut door without having to slam it shut.