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Friday October 2 and 9: The Noise

This (2015-10-02) and next Friday (2015-10-09) construction work will focus on removing the brick mortar in the outer walls of the lab building (Janskerkhof 13/13a). We cannot say the mortar removal will sound anywhere as nice as a great rock concert but it’ll likely sound as loud. The expected noise will make it improbible to…

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The Doorman

Effective immediately and until the 17th of August the entrance to the Janskerkhof 13/13a building is closed and can only be opened from the outside via an authorised access card. If you are not a staff member, then you can enter the building by ringing the doorbell. A freshly appointed doorman will open the door for you. The…

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EMLAR XI: Registration open!

The registration for the yearly EMLAR (Experimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research) conference is now open. Visit the conference website for more details.

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A new update of the ZEP starting script has been released. ILS Labs users are recommended to use this new in order to start a terminal prior to calling Zep (right-click>Save Link As…). Please replace the file with this new version. If you are running an old Zep script (version 0.x) and do…

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