Institute for Language Sciences Labs


Ubuntu Update


Note: the small update has now been deployed throughout the lab.

A new small update has been applied to the computers in K06 and will carefully be deployed to the other systems in the course of the coming week. Below a small overview of changes:

  • Number of boot options are reduced to three:
    1. “Windows OS [MS Windows 7]”
    2. “Real-time Linux OS (Old ButtonBox) [Ubuntu 12.04]”
    3. “Linux OS (New BeexyBox) [Ubuntu 12.04]”
  • Note that there are now two Linux versions: one for the old ButtonBox and one for the new BeexyBox; choose wisely
  • Default boot option is now Windows OS for those systems that almost never boot into Linux (i.e.K06 and K04)
  • Zep version 1.12.1 (with BeexyBox button-box support) has been installed
  • Symbolic links on the Desktop of projects, projects-2, and dataexchange received a make-over
  • A new “reset-desktop” script has been added to the desktop in order to reset your personal user interface in case of corruption or strange settings
  • During Linux boot the update system now prints status updates (press F1 during ‘Ubuntu’ splash)
  • The ILS update system now prevents users to login via GUI until the system has finished updating
  • Monitors should now stop going into standby (we pray)
  • Removed old printers and added a follow-me-COLOUR printer. Grayscale printing is currently not possible under the Linux OS
  • General canonical Ubuntu updates have been deployed
  • System time is now being synced with a central NTP server (was not being synced)