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Babylab on RTV Utrecht

The RTV Utrecht program Westbroek had a small item on the Babylab Utrecht last Tuesday. Henk Westbroek talked with prof. dr. Frank Wijnen about early language development. You can watch the whole episode of Westbroek here (babylab coverage starts at 2:00). 

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Microwave removed from basement kitchen

We removed the microwave from the kitchen in the basement, because: The smells of hot food during the day gives a very unprofessional impression to the (parents of infant) participants in our experiments Mice and cockroaches like crumbs Computers don’t like crumbs There is a microwave in the kitchen on the ground floor that you can…

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Experiment repository created

We’ve now added the experiment repository to our website. We’ve reviewed the old repository, made some changes and added some custom-made experiments. We hope the new structure will help you to easily find a template that is suitable for your experiment (e.g. by using the search page). If you would like your experiment to be…

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Fixation manual transferred

The manual for Fixation has been transferred from the old website to the how-to section. You can find it here. This sort-of marks the end of life of the old website: almost all content has been transferred now and will only be kept up-to-date on this new site. If you still find something’s missing, please…

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