Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Building maintenance and construction work

Building closed on Thursday and Friday

Because of Liberation day and a ‘bridge’ day the laboratory will be closed on Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of May. Our apologies for any inconvenience but we hope you will enjoy your freedom and the projected sunny weather!

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Construction work January 21 and 22

On Thursday January 21 and Friday January 22, a dormer (dakkapel) rooftop will be replaced on the garden side of Janskerhof 13. Noise associated with this is expected to be limited, and should certainly not be a problem for testing in K.10 and K.12. The expectation is that it should be fine to test in…

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Building noise

Expected noise related to the construction works. Remember: testing after 16h on weekdays is always safe; testing on weekends is safe. you can only enter the building after 17h and on weekends if you have an XS card (employees only). The remainder of this week, week 47 (Nov 18-20), and next week, week 48 (Nov…

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