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Building maintenance and construction work

Maintenance works in August – update

On August 22 23 and 24, Hoek will isolate the pipes in K.14 and the technical rooms. They expect to not make much noise, but probably enough to make it a bad idea to run participants in K.13 or K.10. They will do this on Wednesday August 23 before 13h, and may continue the work…

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Construction work

Some construction work will be carried out to create a bypass for the heating pipes via the hallway (to get rid of the noise in K.13): Wednesday 14.12 between 8.00u – 9.00h construction firm W&A will reroute the water pipes. Thursday 15.12 between 8-9h or 12-17h WL techniek will reroute the ‘bmi handmelder’. Monday 19.12…

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