Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Building maintenance and construction work

Tap water system under construction

This week (september 18 until ± September 25) the tap water system is under revision. This does not imply there will be no water at all, but there will be some moments during the week where the taps will not behave as you expect them to. Please be aware of this and maybe be prepared…

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Summer time in the lab 2019 – updated again August 23

Summer is here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, there is a lot to take into account. Here’s a schematic overview per day (click to enlarge); see below for more detail and explanations. Lab support availability Support in July and August may be patchy due to support staff vacations….

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There’s a leak in a heating pipe under the Drift that affects the heating in Janskerkhof 13. It’s being repaired, nobody knows how long that will take. Until then, it’ll gradually get colder in the lab.

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Revision in phonetics lab

We’re updating the hardware of the phonetics cabins and their outside control panels over the winter. One by one. This week, we started on Cabin 1. You can still run your experiments in all the other booths, although some stuff might stand in the way a tiny bit. Get in touch with us is this…

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Mild disruptive activities Thursday 18th

This Thursday 18th a window will be removed and replaced around 11:00. This is on the ground floor near the office of the labtechnicians, so in the lab you won’t notice it, probably. If probably isn’t good enough, you might want to plan you activities on a different moment.

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