Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Building maintenance and construction work

Construction work

Some construction work will be carried out to create a bypass for the heating pipes via the hallway (to get rid of the noise in K.13):

  • Wednesday 14.12 between 8.00u – 9.00h construction firm W&A will reroute the water pipes.
  • Thursday 15.12 between 8-9h or 12-17h WL techniek will reroute the ‘bmi handmelder’.
  • Monday 19.12 8-11h VERY NOISY drilling in the wall of K.14.
  • Friday 23.12 8-10h somewhat noisy drilling in the wall of K.14.

NEN inspection of most of the electrical equipement in the lab will be carried out on:

  • Tuesday 13 december 13:00-17:00
  • Tuesday 17 december 10:00-17:00 08:00-09:00 (went faster than expected)

It will not be possible to run experiments during these times.