Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Building maintenance and construction work

Building noise

Construction WorkExpected noise related to the construction works. Remember:

  1. testing after 16h on weekdays is always safe;
  2. testing on weekends is safe.
  3. you can only enter the building after 17h and on weekends if you have an XS card (employees only).

The remainder of this week, week 47 (Nov 18-20), and next week, week 48 (Nov 23-27) :

All this time there will be periodic CLANG CLANG CLANG noises from the remaining scaffolding being taken down, as well as assorted other building noises. This noise will not permeate into the sound-attenuated booths. There should be no drilling after 9 am.

=> Hard to tell if the CLANG CLANG CLANG or other noises will permeate into K.03A. To be on the safe side, probably a better idea to not test in K.03A on weekdays before 16h.

=> Testing in the booths in K.10 or K.12 should be OK during this week, in the sense that participants won’t hear the CLANG CLANG CLANG. For experiment leaders it may be less pleasant, but probably still bearable. There should be no drilling that penetrates into the participant booths, but if you hear some anyway, contact Maarten immediately (room 0.09/phone 030-253 9102).

The current planning is that the construction works will be finished by November 30. Of course we cannot be sure yet that they’ll make that date, but right now it looks like they will. Yay!