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Bicycle key

In the phonetic booth #1 we found a bicycle key. If this grabs your attention since you lost yours, feel free to obtain it from the technician room. The key has been lying around prior to September 10th.

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Summer time in the lab

Summer is almost here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, please take note of the following: Running an experiment involving the adult participant database is not recommended in summer since a lot of students are simply not in Utrecht then, so recruitment is rather difficult. If you want to…

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Windows down

Yesterday evening some security issues on Windows have been revealed. This means we have to apply a security patch. All Linux systems are not affected by the patch, so no problems are expected for people working on a Linux system. The consequences are downtime for the following services on Friday 15th between 16:00 and 17:00…

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System Maintenance 22nd of March

IT-system maintenance is planned for Tuesday the 22nd of March. Logging in on Linux OS is not advised whereas Windows OS will work fine. Be advised that accessing the project folders may be difficult during this day. To prevent any experiments being ruined we have preemptively booked all ILS Labs. However, the laboratories will still…

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Use local account in case of time sensitive test

The past few weeks, some computers (especially the phonetics lab) have been disconnected from the network, to bypass certain problems, which we are working on to solve permanently. This meant that some people were unable to login to the computers. From now on, the computers have to be connected to the network by default, meaning…

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