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New location Baby lab team (temporarily)

The Baby lab team temporarily works in another building, until the construction work at Janskerkhof is finished. You can find us at Kromme Nieuwe Gracht 46, first floor. Maartje de Klerk and Ao Chen: room 1.10 Şule Kurtcebe and Cora Pots: room 1.08 Baby lab interns Floor Simons and Karlijn Kouwer: room 1.07b.

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Reseach-Data Management and You

The university has launched a new website that focuses on good practice in research-data management. While the ILS Labs does provide its own data storage it is good to be familiar with this multidisciplinary initiative that can provide tips, tools, technologies and advice on long term-preservation for your research data, while facilitating its discovery and…

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SPSS down

Update (4 sept 2015): SPSS version 23 is now available on the computers in K.09 Dear lab-users that are keen on analysing their data. We were just informed that licence for the old versions of SPSS (statistical-analysis software) has ran out. We are making haste with plans to enable the new version(s) SPSS (22 and 23)….

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FEP Support in the lab

Due to FEP not having been updated in nearly 15 years and Zep being an improvement in almost all ways, support for FEP will be deprecated. This means that we will support existing experiments, in particular those that need to collect additional data and thus must use the same framework. New experiment requests which entail the…

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