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Summer time in the lab 2023

Summer is here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, please take note of the following: From July 10 until August 20 the building will have restricted opening hours, namely Monday-Friday 8:00 – 18:00h. The labs will be closed August 14-17 because the UIT-dagen are unbearably noisy and make it…

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Reduced lab support 22 november

Due to staff availability, lab support will only be available through the hotline (06-2273 6073) today. As it’s manned from a different building on Drift, it’s still possible to get in-person support.

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Lab closed on september 2nd

On september 2nd FSC will make noisy repairs on the heating system in the lab. This will making working/testing in the lab impractical to impossible. If you need other lab support on that day, please mail us in advance.

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Logging into FRIS not possible at the moment

Update: the problems have been resolved and you should be able to log in again. Due to technical problems, logging into FRIS is not possible at the moment. We are working on a solution and will update this post once we have resolved the issue.

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