Institute for Language Sciences Labs


We moved FRIS

The Facility Reservation and Information System (FRIS) has had an extensive update and has permanently been moved to a new location.

Please use the following URL to access FRIS from now on:
The old URL,, will no longer work.

You will notice FRIS does not look like you’re used to. We’ve updated the website to be more future proof, intuitive to use and work on mobile devices.
We have also added functionality to login with your Solis-id in the future, rather than with your current credentials.

The first time you login on the new FRIS, you will be asked to change your password. Below the box where you can enter a new password, you can click the no longer use your Solis account to login in the future.
If you have a Solis-id with the Utrecht University, we strongly advise you to choose this option because you no longer have to remember separate credentials for this website and this option is safer as well.

For each account, there is only one method for authentication; either your chosen username and password, or your solis-credentials. You can always switch from one method to the other after you have logged in by clicking the “Change registration” button.

If you encounter any issues with the updated FRIS website, please contact Jan de Mooij