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Latest news on the ILS Labs.

Labs (slowly) re-opening

We are slowly re-opening the ILS Labs at Janskerkhof 13(a). This means that the labs will not be as accessible as you might be used to for the months to come. The building at Janskerkhof 13(a) may only house up to 30% of the normal number of people. Hence, not all labs are available at…

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Update – No participants in the lab until April 6

There will be no experiments conducted with participants in the ILS Labs until April 6. This applies to all experiments; whether participants are infants, children or adults. The building Janskerkhof 13 will stay open (at least for now). Students and staff are encouraged to work from home as much as possible; do not come to…

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Solis VPN – Update February 24

Dear labusers, Some of you may work from home. If you want to access the project folders from at home you need to make a connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Fortunately, ITS is making it safer to access the folders. Unfortunately, this changes the way you were used to access the VPN. The…

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Access to the lab for students and participants: videophone only

Starting this Monday (October 14), BA/(R)MA students and participants in experiments will always need to use the videophone at the entrance to get into the lab on Monday-Friday 8-17h. Simply press the button and someone at a reception somewhere at Drift will answer your call. Explain why you need to get into the building and…

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Summer job: doorman/woman

UPDATE: this vacancy has been filled. We are looking for a student assistant who can let visitors in at Janskerkhof 13 when they ring the doorbell (if they need to be let in). This job will be for two or three weeks (this is not exactly sure yet), starting August 26. Working hours will be…

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