Institute for Language Sciences Labs


Labs re-opening (cont.)

Due to the Covid-19 situation, lab capacity and lab support is reduced. Dependent on the circumstances, we need to determine how many, and which, experiments can be performed simultaneously. René Kager, director of the ILS, takes the final decision in this.

If you intend to conduct your experiment in one of the ILS Labs or online (i.e. those for which you need technical support), please send an advance notice to René Kager.

Before a final ‘go’ decision can be taken, please make sure:

  1. you have obtained formal approval for your study by the Faculty Ethics Assessment Committee;
  2. your experiment has been programmed and your stimuli have been created, i.e. your experiment is ready to be conducted*;
  3. you have arranged for (or you are in the process of arranging for) someone who can test your participants (if this is not you).

Once all of this has been arranged for, you may contact René Kager. For questions, send an e-mail to

*If you need access to the labs in order to prepare your experiment, please check e.g. New here, Lab access request. Note that members of the technical support team should be contacted by e-mail, since we are all requested to work from home whenever possible.