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Latest news on the ILS Labs.

Discontinuation of personal labhome folders

Dear lab user, As a user of the ILS Labs you currently have access to a private folder on the lab network storage. You may know this folder as your private folder on the L-drive; also see ‘Labhome’ on this page: The file server that hosts these private folders is old, and will need…

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General user meeting

As research was stopped due to the COVID-19 crisis, some of our regular meetings haven’t been as regular lately. Now that research is slowly resuming both online as well as in the lab, we want to resume our meetings as well in a slightly different format. This meeting is for anyone working in our lab…

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Labs re-opening (cont.)

Due to the Covid-19 situation, lab capacity and lab support is reduced. Dependent on the circumstances, we need to determine how many, and which, experiments can be performed simultaneously. René Kager, director of the ILS, takes the final decision in this. If you intend to conduct your experiment in one of the ILS Labs or…

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Christmas break 2020-2021

Around Christmas and New Year, the buildings of the Faculty of Humanities, including the ILS Labs, will be closed from 15:00 on 24 December 2020 until Sunday 3 January 2021. The staff of the lab is limited between Monday 21 December and Monday 11 January.

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