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Summer time in the lab 2019 – updated again August 23

Summer is here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, there is a lot to take into account. Here’s a schematic overview per day (click to enlarge); see below for more detail and explanations.

Lab support availability

Support in July and August may be patchy due to support staff vacations. If you absolutely need support on a certain day in July or August, check in advance via

Building/lab closures

  • Starting July 22, the doors will be closed, and access will be possible through video phone and XS card only on weekdays. The video phone will be replaced by a better model after the summer, which will have a screen so that the person waiting at the door can see who is picking up the phone.
  • Starting August 26, there will be someone available to open the door for visitors and participants in person (weekdays only) while we wait for the new, better video phone to be installed.
  • Noisy building activities: there is some construction work going on, check this post for details.

Adult participant recruitment

Running an experiment involving the adult participant database is not recommended in summer since a lot of students are simply not in Utrecht then, so recruitment can be rather difficult. If you want to try anyway, please consult with Iris Mulders.