Institute for Language Sciences Labs

Building closed

Labs (slowly) re-opening

We are slowly re-opening the ILS Labs at Janskerkhof 13(a). This means that the labs will not be as accessible as you might be used to for the months to come. The building at Janskerkhof 13(a) may only house up to 30% of the normal number of people. Hence, not all labs are available at all times.

Startup protocol

The WOOz (Werkgroep Opstart Onderzoek) has approved of our startup protocol (in Dutch). Please read this document carefully if you consider doing research in the ILS Labs. We will start with one of the experiments that was about to commence in March, a baby experiment. When all goes well, we can gradually increase the number of experiments running simultaneously in the labs. Should you have specific plans for a lab experiment, please contact René Kager, Research Director of the ILS. Since not all planned experiments can run at the same time, prioritization is necessary.

Experimentation (online) tools

Normally the lab supports Zep experiments. We are aware that running Zep inside of the lab, or with an experimental laptop may not always be possible at the moment. Therefore, we are working on setting up possibilities for online experiments; more information will be published on this website in due course.