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Update: ICT Maintenance planned for 6 July


Friday 10 July at 14:30 another update will take place. Again, this should not be noticable for any users, but to be safe, we have blocked all the labs after 14:30 this friday. People working in K.06 are adviced not to do time sensitive experiments there. You will not lose anything, but timing may be inaccurate during the update process


In the morning of Monday 6 July, some maintenance is planned for the computer systems that we use in the lab.
We expect to get through this without any difficulty, but there is always a small chance something might go wrong. This means that in some cases, it is possible the computers will freeze multiple times for a while, or even that logging in to your account is not possible.

As said, this maintenance is planned for the morning of 6 July, but could be postponed until later that week. Unfortunately, we cannot be more precise at the moment, as we are dependent on information from other devisions within the university.

Should you encounter any of the above described problems, or notice other hiccups in the performance of the computers in the lab, do not hesitate to inform the technical support in room 0.09 immediately. The sooner we know of any trouble, the sooner it can be solved.