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Using the lab for just one sound recording

Last updated on 1 November 2021 by Iris Mulders

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Here’s what you need to know and do if you want to just record some speech for experiment stimuli (without doing a whole experiment) in the ILS Labs:

  1. The ILS Labs facilities can be used by linguistics students and staff from Utrecht University. If you’re not a UU linguist but do want to use the facilities, send an email to Iris Mulders to request permission, stating your reasons.
  2. Introduce yourself to support staff in room 0.09 on the ground floor.
  3. If you haven’t worked in the lab before, your SolisID needs to be added to the lab user group (otherwise you can’t log in). You can request that through this form. Allow for a processing time of two working days.
  4. Register your SolisID in the reservation system. Allow for a processing time of one working day.
  5. Reserve a booth in the phonetics lab through here. Don’t book whole blocks of time, only reserve the time slots you actually need for testing the setup, and for recording your speaker.
  6. Information about keys, opening hours etc can be found here.
  7. Make a test recording to make sure the setup works as intended – it’s no fun to have to send away your speaker because of technical problems. For how to make a recording, follow the instructions in this howto. If you encounter problems, ask for support from the technicians in room 0.09. Never rewire cables yourself!
  8. Make your recording!