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EEG towels and laundry

Last updated on 26 June 2023 by Marijn Struiksma

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Everyone testing in K.02 and K.13 is responsible for the supply of towels. If you test participants then you are also responsible for the towels to be washed. This means that also after you have tested your final participant you bring the dirty towels to get washed and pick them up as well. If experiments are running in both labs, coordinate with the other researcher(s) who will bring the laundry and pick it up.

Use of towels

If your participant has washed their hair check that the participant’s towel is hanged to dry (in K.14) to prevent mould. Also dry off the sink, and the counter. (Dry the sink to prevent lime scale; dry the counter to prevent the chipboard from softening, if the chipboard becomes soft the shower head attachment will become unstable).

Used and dry towels should be put in one of the two big shoppers (Jumbo/AH). When the shopper is fully loaded you should arrange for the towels to be washed. Please follow the procedure below to get the towels cleanded by Facilitary Services.

Procedure on towel laundry:

The laundry takes about a week, so don’t wait till you’ve ran out of towels. Follow the procedure below to get the towels cleaned:

  • Put a note in the big shopper saying: “EEG handdoeken van JKH13/13a” (this is so that the FSC employees know that these are our towels). Also mention when you will pick up the cleaned laundry again, it takes about a week.
  • Take the big shopper to Drift 21 room 0.18: this is the laundry room (“FSC ruimte”). When you enter Drift 21 from the Drift entrance go through the hallway, it is the door on the left just before the red benches. You can leave the big shopper in that room.
  • Pick up the clean towels: after a week or so you should pick up the big shopper again from Drift 21 room 0.18.
  • Place the clean towels in the lab again: make sure that there are some clean towels in the lab, in K.02 they are stored in the bottom drawer, in K.13 they are stored in the cabinet above the sink. The other towels can be stored in the cabinet in K.14.