Institute for Language Sciences Labs


FEP Support in the lab

Due to FEP not having been updated in nearly 15 years and Zep being an improvement in almost all ways, support for FEP will be deprecated. This means that we will support existing experiments, in particular those that need to collect additional data and thus must use the same framework. New experiment requests which entail the modification of FEP scripts will generally be rebuilt in Zep however.

In the coming weeks the PCs in the labs will be replaced with newer models, these systems will not support running FEP, however old models will be kept available as reserves and can be put in place should such experiments need to be run, however it is very important that you contact the lab staff at least 1 week in advance of running a FEP script so that we can make the necessary preparations.

If you have any questions not answered above feel free to contact us.