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[Resolved] Technical issues logging in to lab PCs under Linux

Update 2022-09-30: The issue is mostly resolved, with only some straggler PCs remaining. Update 2022-10-07: The issue has been resolved. Lab users may currently face difficulties while trying to log in to Linux on computers in the lab. Lab support is aware of the issue and we’re working on a solution. It is worth noting…

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Tap water system under construction

This week (september 18 until ± September 25) the tap water system is under revision. This does not imply there will be no water at all, but there will be some moments during the week where the taps will not behave as you expect them to. Please be aware of this and maybe be prepared…

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Errors in facility reservation system FRIS

Due to a bug in FRIS you may experience a ‘Internal Server Error’ when trying to open FRIS. We are currently investigating the cause of the bug. Update: This issue had been solved, but now it seems to be back. Deleting your browser cookies or restarting your browser is the workaround for now. Our apologies…

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Technical problems in the basement – fixed

There are several (maybe unrelated) technical problems in the labs: The main lights in the hallways are off (these pillars that are always on) You will be able to log in on the lab computers, but the L, U and O drives cannot be used and internet is not working. Both problems are under investigation…

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Search function – fixed

The search box at the top of the site is currently non-operational. We are hard at work trying to fix it, but in the meantime you can use the following search pages as a workaround: Search How-To’s Search Resources (General Repository) Search ZEP Experiments Update June 28: the regular search function is working again.  

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