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Lost & Found

Lost USB

Dear lab users/visitors, Last week a few laptops have been stolen from the lab. On top of this one of the owners lost his/her USB stick. Since a USB stick has not much economical value, we ask everyone to keep an eye out for the stick because perhaps it has been throw away and it…

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Has someone lost a red bicycle shed pass

The city of Utrecht has bicycle parking lots. To store/retrieve your bike you need a small red card with a barcode on the back. One with number 1000 0040 8712 has been found in the pantry of the ground floor. If its yours you can collect it by the secretary of philosophy and religious studies…

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USB stick

This bracelet shaped USB stick was found in the bag of experimental laptop (#2). Hopefully the right full owner will come to collect it quickly.

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Rings found in kitchenette JK 13a

People found an amount of rings in the Kitchen. Drop by secretary (F&R, JK13) is you think they might be yours and want to collect them. You will have to guess how many were found and then try them all on in order to prove you’re “the real Cinderella”  😉

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USB stick found

A Kingston USB stick (32GB) was found in a lab PC on Tuesday. Please contact Iris Mulders if it may be yours.

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