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Building maintenance and construction work

Building maintenance September 5 until first week of November – update September 21

Update September 16: building the scaffolding will continue until Friday September 23 (so one week longer than we hoped for).
Update September 21: due to the excessive noise the lab technicians will not be working in 0.09, but elsewhere on Drift, on September 21st. (And maybe the 22nd and 23rd as well) The hotline will, of course, still be answered.

Original message:
There will be a lot of construction work going on in Janskerkhof 13/13A in the period September 5 – November 4. Measuring participants will be difficult to impossible during this time:

  • September 5 – 16 23 and October 24 – November 4: scaffolding will be built or taken down around the building, this involves very noisy drilling and hammering that will even be heard in the soundproofed labs. Measuring participants is not possible during this time, except after 16h (when the workmen go home).
  • The rest of this time period (so September 19 26 – October 21), there will be painting, roof maintenance, and some plumbing work. Working in a soundproof booth will probably be possible most (but not all) of the time. There is some (limited!) flexibility for experiments in labs that are not soundproofed; we can ask the contractor (at least a week in advance) to plan the works in such a way that experiments in these rooms are possible at specific times. Running participants after 16h is always possible. If you intend to do any experiments during this time, let lab support know so we can flesh things out with the contractor.

Here’s the current planning:

Planning gevelonderhoud Janskerkhof 13 en 13 A