Institute for Language Sciences Labs


Missing project folders

As you may have noticed, on the computers in flexplek in Janskerkhof 13 (and maybe on other computers too), the M drive where your project folders are has been replaced by ‘migratieschijf’, and ‘migratieschijf’ is empty. To get access to your project folders, follow the steps:

  1.  Start Windows Explorer or double-click ‘My Computer’,
  2. Right click on ‘migratieschijf’,
  3. Select ‘disconnect’, and wait until ‘migratieschijf’ disappears.
  4. In the menu bar, choose ‘Tools’ -> ‘Map network drive’.
  5. In the dialog window that appears, click on the arrow on the right side, and select the letter ‘M’. (Do not choose any other letter).
  6. At ‘Folder’, type \\\uilots\projects
  7. Click on ‘Finish’. A new Explorer window will appear, showing the contents of the K drive.