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Biolab user meeting

These meetings are specifically for people who do research using biomeasures equipment (EEG, GSR, respiration, heart rate etc). Common topics are planning (how can we all do what we need to do without getting in each other’s way), trouble using particular programs or equipment, requests for new software (features), design and analysis issues, etc.

ILS researchers who want to use the Biosemi/Nexus facilities are required to present their plans at the biolab user meeting, and to attend the meetings while the experiment is running. By sharing lab experiences users can learn from each other. Invitations are sent by email. In case you didn’t receive an invitation, please feel welcome to attend the meetings anyway. You’ll find the dates on this page.

We don’t record meeting minutes, but the main topics under discussion will be listed here.


Every first Friday of the month, from 13h till 14.30h (will be moved if that time slot doesn’t suit).

Upcoming Meeting

Friday March 6, 13.00h, Drift 15, 0.03 (note, new location).


  • Planning and progress now/near future:
  • VPN now with 2-factor authentication. Doesn’t seem to work for students anymore.
  • Construction work expected, see
  • The JKH13 doors are now closed, and access will be granted by a student assistant (until video phone works).
  • To-do list K.13:
    • Default boot of system is now Windows
      • Need to make sure the systems starts up from Linux regularly to perform updates.
    • Video camera to monitor participant broke down, is replaced by webcam.
      • New settings for OBS is installed for new users. For old users please contact Maarten to obtain new setting.
  • Baby EEG lab things that still need to be done:
    • cloth for the desk (iris, will recycle from K.13 once testing there is done)
    • electrode bags (iris)
    • Testing Feb 28
  • Demo video is available here. Jacco is working on:
    • instruction video: leave electrodes on rack and then hang around neck (do not leave on counter/desk), only use tape on face electrodes 5 and 6 to keep wires out of eye, when measuring whether cap is in the middle, explain
    • electrode cleaning video
    • is ready to be checked by Marijn
  • Supplies – EEGlab folder.
    • does everyone have access to this folder?
  • Anything else you want to bring up: … (w.v.t.t.k)
  • Content part: Rachida will present on her meta-analysis
  • Dates next biolab meetings: Suggestions for new dates are: March 27, 12h (Drift 23 room 0.13), Tuesday April 28 12-13.30h (Trans 10! room 0.19, bring your lunch), Tuesday June 2 12-13.30h (Drift 15 room 0.03, bring your lunch)