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Using the Sound Level Meter

Last updated on 3 June 2014 by Chris

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Default settings for the Precision INtegrating Sound Level Meter Type 2230 BK are as follows:SAMSUNG

  • Detector: RMS
  • Power: On
  • Time Weighting: Fast
  • Mode: Operate
  • Display: SPL
  • FSD: FSD selects the measurement range of meter. Recommended values for use in the lab are 90 (30-83dB) or 100 (40-93dB)
  • Sound Incidence: Frontal
  • All | max/min | pause: ALL
  • EXT. FIlter: Out.
  • Freq. Weighting: A


For using it to calibrate the ear-tip SPL see the specific how-to.