Institute for Language Sciences Labs


Upgraded ILS Labs computers

kubuntu-logoThe computer systems in k04 and k06 have had a major upgrade! The systems in the other (experiment) labs will be upgraded at a later point in time.

The upgraded systems now feature solid-state drives which improves responsiveness and reduces start-up delay significantly. In addition, the systems now have a new installment of the GNU/Linux desktop environment. This new Kubuntu 16.04 version is a hefty upgrade from the previous Ubuntu 12.04 version (anno 2012). This new version includes the latest versions of open-sourced software such as Audacity, LibreOffice and much more.

Kubuntu comes with a new look that should be easy to work with and is similar to a Windows desktop environment. Not a fan of Kubuntu? Fear not! You can easily opt to start Windows 7 instead of Kubuntu. To do so, choose Windows OS in the boot-loader menu that shows up when (re)booting the computer.