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Update 4 – Summer time in the lab – renovation work, events, building closes early in the evenings, and other impediments

palmstrandSummer is almost here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, please take note of the following:

  • Extensive renovation and construction work is being planned for Janskerkhof 13 for July and August August till September/November. Some of the building activities will necessitate us to close the lab altogether, but we don’t know when exactly, or for how long. We have indicated that closing the lab for more than one week at a time is not possible for us, and we’ve been assured that we will be closely involved in the planning. Planning will happen at the end of July.
  • If you want to run an experiment involving the adult participant database (not recommended in summer since a lot of students are simply not in Utrecht then), please contact Iris Mulders before July 8.
  • From July 13 until August 22 the building will close at 19h, rather than 22h.
  • The lab will be closed August 10-13 because the UIT-dagen are unbearably noisy and make it impossible to get to Janskerkhof 13. No lab support will be available on these days.
  • The rest of the summer, there will be lab support in room 0.09 (in as far as the renovation activities will allow), but we may miss a day here or there due to support staff vacations. If you absolutely need support on a certain day, check in advance via