Institute for Language Sciences Labs


Labs closed

As of Thursday, March 19, all buildings of the Faculty of Humanities will be closed. This includes the ILS Labs. We realize that this has huge implications for your research, and we are very sorry to bring you this news, but this is what it is. We will all have to be flexible and creative, especially since we do not know yet how long this situation will last.

Today, Wednesday March 18, is the last possibility to enter the building and pick up necessary things you may need.

  • Do you need something and cannot make it tomorrow? Contact Marijn
  • Do you have equipment at home? Please keep it there, or contact Iris @ 06-236 06 239
  • Do you want to borrow equipment? This may be difficult to organize today, and the usefulness is debatable; contact Marijn or Iris to discuss possibilities.

If you have any questions, please contact Iris Mulders, 06-236 06 239.

Students and researchers are encouraged to contact their supervisors, so that you can jointly discuss possible solutions.

We wish everyone strength and good health in this difficult situation.

Stay healthy!