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Equipment settings

Last updated on 27 February 2014 by Klerk, de

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1. 506E Headphone Amplifier

  • program input: max (=10)
  • cue input: 4
  • signal 1: 3
  • signal 2: 1 (headphone)

2. Stereo Preamp Mixer (underneath the 506E amplifier)

  • microphone level: 4
  • channel select: channel 1 = on, rest = off
  • bass, treble, balance and zone level: all top middle
  • main level: 6 light dots are on

3. Denon Amplifier (right side)

  • bass, treble, balance: all top middle
  • speakers: A = side, B= frontal (check in terminal with “testaudio”)
  • loudness: off
  • source direct= on
  • sound level: quarter to the left side
  • input selector: DVD/Aux

4. Denon CD player

  • no special settings, turn on/off

5. Sony DVD player

  • should only be turned on if you work with screen setting AV1 (see the how to “running a babylab experiment”)

 6. button box

  • should be working the minute that you followed the path for your experiment (in the terminal) but if it fails and your participant is already on the parents lap, then work with the ESC and ENTER keys on your keyboard.