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EEG supplies

Last updated on 16 February 2024 by Marijn Struiksma

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For EEG and EMG research we have all kinds of supplies, such as gel, stickers, cotton wool etc. To make sure we do not unexpectedly run out of gel for example, it is important to collectively keep an inventory of supplies and let Marijn Struiksma and Desiree Capel know in time when supplies are running low.

In the project folder “O:\Research\GW\Projects\Eeglab” you can find the following document: “Inventory supplies K13 K02.xlsx”. If you can’t access the folder send an email to Marijn Struiksma or Desiree Capel to get permission. The procedure below is for both K.13 and K.02, there is a separate tab for each lab.

The procedure for maintaining the supplies is as follows:

  • The first person to test on Monday (or every other first testing day of that week) will quickly go through the inventory list. Below, I will also give the inventory briefly.
  • If the number of supplies is different from the excel file, enter the new counts with the date added.
  • If there are only 1-3 of any supplies left then email Marijn Struiksma and Desiree Capel. We will then make sure the stock is replenished. Keep in mind that it takes a while for something to be ordered and delivered, so please inform us in time if stock is running low.