Institute for Language Sciences Labs


Access to the lab for students and participants: videophone only

Starting this Monday (October 14), BA/(R)MA students and participants in experiments will always need to use the videophone at the entrance to get into the lab on Monday-Friday 8-17h.

Simply press the button and someone at a reception somewhere at Drift will answer your call. Explain why you need to get into the building and they’ll buzz you in.

If you or your participants run into any problems whatsoever, please let Iris know.


Background: As you will know, since the end of August there has been a student assistant available to open the door, in addition to the videophone option. We have decided to now use the videophone only, because there aren’t many experiments running at the moment so only few participants will need to get in, and we figure our regular students will for sure be able to get in using the videophone. Staff access using an XS card is unchanged; see the post about opening hours.

We are still awaiting a new videophone that will have a screen, enabling the person at the door to see the person picking up the phone, which will make for an easier conversation, which is especially important for participants who don’t know the ropes. We hope the new videophone will be installed in November.