Institute for Language Sciences Labs


Access to Janskerkhof 13 between 8 and 9 in the morning

Starting this Friday, April 5, there will be a new regime for access to Janskerkhof 13/13A on weekdays, Monday-Friday between 8 and 9AM:

  • if you have an XS-card, you will be able to gain entrance with your XS-card (both at entrance 13 and entrance 13A)
  • students, participants and visitors will need to ask to enter the building using the videophone next to the entrance 13 (right-side entrance when you’re facing the building). Someone at a reception somewhere will answer; you will need to explain why you need to be in the building, and then they will buzz you in.
  • if you are running participants before 9AM, the safest way to ensure that they will be able to get in, is to pick them up at the door yourself. For full instructions and a full overview of the opening hour situation, see

If you run into problems, please let Iris know.